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Unique Academic Features

Special Doubt Clearing Cell (SDCC): “One more step towards excellence”. In our constant endeavour to provide the best for our students, we have taken one more step towards excellence by setting up the “Doubt Clearing Cell.” The Doubt Clearing Cell is the one step solution to all the queries of students preparing for JEE as well as Board related topics. The teachers are available through out the day to clear any doubts of students on all working days.

Common Practice Test (CPT) : It is a weekly test conducted all over India among Narayana students. It gives our students unique opportunity to perform weekly and see their rank potential among the real JEE aspirants. It is the life line of every programme offered by Narayana. Besides keeping the students competitive and motivated, it helps them to realize their full potential. After taking several CPTs our students become so confident and prepared that even the JEE paper becomes easier for them.

We believe that excellent academic training and preparation along with continuous practice is the essence of success in Boards/JEE and other competitive examinations. Thus, there will be 4 CPTs in a month to regularly keep a check on students performance and to support them to work on their deficient areas through analysis provided to them.

CPTs Every month : There will be two type of CPTs based on different pattern and criterias as mentioned below.

(a)        JEE pattern based Test: CPTs to be held every week of the month will be based on JEE pattern of the respective topics considered in the particular week for the test.

(b)        Board pattern based Test: JEE council has planned to give due weightage to Board. Thus, to equip the students with necessary practice for good score in Board, few Board test will be conducted based on Board pattern in between  CPTs.

Concepts, Definitions & Formulas (CDF): This feature has been added to assess the recapitulation of the concepts, definitions & formulas (CDF), so that students can cope up well with their school preparation and exams. This will also eliminate the need of the extra tuition.

All India Test Series: No student’s JEE preparation can be considered complete without a good test series. This test series consists of 6 part tests and 6 full tests on the latest JEE pattern.

Micro - Level Analysis : This computerized, question-wise analysis will highlight the weak as well as the strong areas in the student’s learning. It will point the way to effective preparation in the future and will tell the student which topic and subject requires greater attention. For every question in the objective-type test, the student will be informed the percentage of students appearing in the examination, those that attempted.

Macro-level Analysis: This will compare the student’s performance with other students across the country. It will indicate his/her overall position as well as subjectwise position amongst all the students participating across India. We will give the students their subject-wise marks, total marks, subject-wise ranks, overall rank, subject-wise percentiles and overall percentile.

Rank Promoting Package: This is a bank of quality problems hand-picked by our experienced faculty members to help students improve their performance in the JEE. The question bank is based on the latest pattern of the JEE where in all the expected types of questions are covered and it ensures that the student does a pattern proof preparation. This package also helps in the systematic and comprehensive revision of the entire JEE syllabus along with taking the student to the highest level.

Work Book: As per the new changed pattern of competitive / Board exams Narayana has introduced workbooks for student to develop daily practice habits and enhance their performance in Board Exams.



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3rd, 4th & 5th Floor, Hotel Smita Building (Near Sakchi Golchakar), SNP Area, Sakchi, Jamshedpur-831001  (Jharkhand)                                                                            Mobile :  9334870015 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21